Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weeewt for Writing!

Alright so I'm still in the process of rough draft writing but it is going pretty good. I have this little fight scene to put together between the two love intrests and an awesome scene where one of the children goes through a change! Awesomeness all wrapped up in two chapters. So far the book is on chapter 10, I hope that it is rec'd well! My first book! Hope that it comes out okay! Weeeeewwttttt!!! Get'er done! My most inspirational photo of the day....

I found this pretty fantasy pic as an inspiration for one of my chapters! This piece was beautifully done by Blinck on deviantArt. You can find this print and others in her gallery. If you would like to visit I encourage you to sign up and view the artwork by clicking here!


scarlettrainssistersoftheheartsblog said...

That's great, S.D. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing your first book in print. All the best.
Scarlett Rains, Author

Silverlight said...

Great pic! New Follower from Book Blogs!


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