Friday, April 6, 2012

The Monster/Creature Bible..."Thou Shalt Not Deviate"

Alright so I have noticed in my IMVU habit that lots of role players like to say that one creature/monster can't be something else because it just won't go. A vampire can't have children or walking in daylight, well... this I suppose was Bram Stoker's version... but according to the Twilight version...well... Bella wasn't pregnant with Jacob's baby, and I don't see Blade creeping around just at night. So what happens when a beast or a character that is typically one way for a long time, has part of its origins altered, or maybe even physical appearance or the way that it typically reacts to its environment? What if a Troll was a genious or perhaps Gnomes were actually huge and dumb who loved to eat rocks all day? What goes and what doesn't?  I suppose I'll find out. I am going to be twisting the creation of some creatures. Some that wouldn't meet at all typically will more than likely meet in this story. Now I'm not talking like Dracula going and appearing just to start biting this elf, because that would be something that probably should be saved for a Manga. (-thinks for a moment on that-) I am going to take into consideration that some future fans may not be as accepting to some of the spins, and I might get some fan type feed back too! What if a Wyrm, Wyvern & Dragon didn't mean that they were the same creature? I personally would love to see classes of Dragons that didn't just involve colors.

So my thinking at this moment is to just try to take things easy with deviating too far from the origins of where some of these beasts came from, but offer maybe a nice twist to a few things. Or maybe just a simple tweak, who knows? I say I'll have some fun and maybe think up a new creature or two....hmmm or more :D!!


Mac Campbell said...

There's nothing wrong with deviating from tradition, but traditional monster rules make for easier writing. One can relax and work on character in setting, because you already know what's going to be happen to your main guy come full moon.

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