Friday, April 6, 2012

And the Riptide of Emotions Pulls Them Under!

So when looking for character inspiration a person often wonders where to look. When writing a book it is important to me that the reader be able to relate to the emotions of some of the characters. Emotions are so hard to describe but often a picture or two helps out a bit. I'm wondering if the couple in conflict comes to an impasse when it comes to completely being able to trust the other, or maybe just a difference in opinion on how something should be handled would create a moment in a book where not only is the reader thinking "and then what happened?" they are relating with the situation with "I have been there before". So I searched for such inspiration and found this work of art, a photograph taken by photographer kd5ytx and found that even while writing an awesome book that on days like today I can look at this and think "I have so been there."


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