Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Adventures of Princess Isis

The world of Eurelia five kingdoms rule in balance. The wars are over and secrets have been buried within their kingdoms. The adventures start in Lhoril, the most prominent kingdom of the sun and light where Princess Isis is being presented to her kingdom as the newest Lhoril Royal. A tragic turn of events flips this little Princess' world upside down as she meets dragons, wyverns, griffins and more as she tries to find her way home through the dredged up secrets of the five kingdoms. This series is being written by S.D.Lewis and her partner A.J.JuliĆ£o. This series was intended to be reasonably read by ages 13+ and should be an easy and fun read. We hope that you come to love Ekteria as much as we have come to love it!


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